Electric trolley service £20

Professional Notices and Offers : Electric trolley service £20

Treat it Like Your Car... Come for a M.O.T!

Your electric trolley gets pretty exposed to the elements whilst you're out battling on the golf course. Bearings may come loose, rain turns to floods and just like a car, your trolley needs a good servicing.

With a service and repair centre, Willesley Parks Pro Shop team will service your trolley for just £20*

The service includes:

  • Individual Component Clean and Test
  • Battery and Charger Test
  • A Detergent Wash/Clean 
  • Axle grease and lubricant application

*all services are £20 subject to the work that needs carried out* 

Wear & Tear

A four hour round of golf played once a week for 12 months is the equivalent to, say, four years use out of a lawnmower. That is a lot of use! So once a year get your trolley serviced.

Charger checks

It is also essential to have your charger checked periodically, particularly when buying a new battery, this will ensure that your charger is still charging correctly. A charger that has drifted away from the correct settings will irretrievably damage your battery. More battery problems are caused by mis-charging than by any other single cause!

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